Finding Your Style

Maybe you already know Yves Saint Laurent’s famous quote: “Fashions fade, style is eternal”. I think this is absolutely true! Trends are created to be fleeting and to encourage consumption, while style should reflect our own personality and remain timeless.

But it’s definitely not easy to find a personal style. In my life, I have tried many looks! In elementary and high school, I didn’t choose a lot of my clothes, but I remember that I made some pretty big fashion mistakes! My sisters still tease me about my huge Boca T-shirt that I paired with baby blue leggings. Later, I had a very colorful bohemian look and even wore some clothes I made myself. It’s also during this period that I started working in boutiques and developed a passion for fashion. I had figured out my style and started investing in good quality clothes, which I still wear to this today.

I would generally describe my style as simple and elegant, cozy and timeless. These qualities are really important to me. While shopping, if I love a piece which isn’t really in sync with my personal style, I ask myself some serious questions before buying it. For example, I recently found a pair of white boyfriend jeans that I am crazy about! The thing is these jeans are very torn (which is very trendy right now–but not timeless), and I’m still wondering if they would truly be wearable over the long term. These jeans are not really inline with my style, so they are a riskier buy. And, because I don’t want to get tire of them rapidly, I’m really taking my time to think about this purchase.

If you are still looking for your own style, I would recommend taking a look in your closet. Which pieces are your favorites? Which ones have you had for a long time and still enjoy wearing? The answers will give you some very good clues.

Doing some research on the Internet definitely helped me to find my style. I was inspired by the looks of my favorite artists and bloggers, and by various street styles. I started a Pinterest account to collect my favorite outfits and, with time, I realized what kind of look I was attracted to. You can even follow my Pinterest account here!

Finally, I think it’s really important to understand your own silhouette, and to determine which cuts and colors flatter you. Sometimes, it’s really tempting to ask our friends or family, but it’s not always a good idea. I’ve noticed that when shopping with my friends, I am often influenced by their tastes! What they find pretty on me isn’t necessarily my style, even if they have a good eye! If you feel completely lost and you find it hard to know what would suit you, I recommend consulting a stylist. It will take her/he one or two hours to come up with some insightful and professional advice that will be helpful for the rest of your life!

Thank you very much for reading and have a nice weekend everyone!