White Sneakers

White sneakers are very trendy right now and we can find them everywhere! But despite this fact, it took me some time to find THE perfect pair.

I was looking for original and comfortable quality shoes that can be worn with almost everything. While searching online, I fell in love with this leather model from this Australian brand called Senso. After careful consideration, I took the plunge! I ordered a pair (something I don’t usually do without knowing my exact size in a brand, especially when it comes to shoes). I’m so glad that I did because these sneakers are absolutely awesome! When I wear them it feels like I am walking on clouds. You can even fold down the back part of the shoes to put them on quickly! Brilliant!

I was lucky and got them on sale, so keep an eye out if you are interested in getting them at a good price. I also did a selection of other styles I love to inspire your next sneaker purchase.

Ligne_PecheSneakers: Senso.