I have had this sweater since last year, and it quickly became my favorite! It’s loose-fit cut and big mesh create a breathable pocket of warmth. The ultimate in comfort! I like to wear it with this skirt. I think that mixing different textured pieces is a really quick and easy way to have an original look, even if it’s all black. Very practical!


Sweater: Helmut Lang, Skirt: Iro, Sneakers: Senso, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (different color here).

Knot It Out

I really love simple ideas that enhance a look!

Simply knot an oversize tee to complement the waistline. Here, I deliberately made the knot on the opposite side of the pocket to create an interesting asymmetrical detail.

These little ideas make a big difference in styling. What do you think?


Tee: Joie, Skirt: Iro, Sneakers: Senso, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (different color here).

Culotte Pants

I really am happy to find culottes in boutiques this year. I had a pair 10 years ago and I missed them a lot.

Culottes are a very versatile piece which is ideal for summer, but are also very easy to match in fall. Add an oversized sweater and you will instantly create a relaxed yet sophisticated look. It can also be appropriate for work with a blazer or classic top, and it’s absolutely sublime with heels! But you know me, I love to wear flats (especially when walking on paved street), that’s why I decided to wear my sneakers.

Here is some advice when searching for your pair:

  • Opt for a model with a high waist: the belt should be where your waist is thinest (or a bit lower). This benefits the silhouette.
  • Look for wrinkle resistant fabrics. I also like heavier ones because they create a beautiful movement while walking.
  • Pay close attention to the cut. There are a lot of different models on the market, with different lengths, some are also more loose than others, with waist pleats, and so on. It is definitely worth it to try on a few pairs and find the one that fits you perfectly!


Top: Set (similar), Culottes: Bailey 44, Sunglasses: Raen, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar), Sneakers: Senso.

Hot Sun

On this day in Prague, Sam and I climbed Petrin Hill and a hundred flights of stairs, and visited a castle. All under a hot sun! For days like this, there is no question regarding my outfit: I opted for the most comfortable, light and practical option.

First, I chose my best pair of walking shoes, obviously, my white sneakers!

Then, I opted for clothes that are made from natural fibers. This t-shirt is made of a very light cotton and these shorts are 85% silk and 15% wool. Yes, It’s an unusual combination, but the wool adds significant durability to the silk!

I prefer loose clothes when it’s very warm outside. I like to feel the breeze between my skin and the fabric. It’s refreshing!

As you can imagine, I avoid wearing black! It would have been nice to have had a hat that day, as well, to cover my dark hair…

For accessories, in addition to sunglasses, I brought a bottle of water, my camera and lenses as well as a light sweater and scarf to extend my day out beyond sunset. I put everything in this backpack that is so practical because it’s foldable and easily stored. For items I used more often (phone, map, etc.), I had a small leather bag for greater conveniences.

I had a wonderful day even if it was very warm! Sam had a harder time enjoying our day because of his black jeans, dark t-shirt and his more formal shoes… 😉


T-Shirt: Joie, Short: Malene Birger (similar), Sneakers: Senso, Sunglasses: Raen, Bag: DKNY (similar), Backpack: Qwstion (similar).


I love clothes that you can wear many ways! This dress is a perfect example. It remains pretty with both heels and sneakers. Cendrine, from the Des vertes et des pas mûres boutique, even suggested that I wear it as a tunic with white pants. Sounds good!

I also had so much fun playing with the belt! Because it’s lined with white cotton, which is really easy to place in many ways and create different black and white compositions, the dress’s neckline, back, sleeves and hem are enhanced. I could even wear the belt as a headband or around my neck like a delicate scarf.

Which look do you prefer? The boxy version with sneakers or the more feminine one with heels?


Dress: Cotélac, Shoes: Fly London (similar), Sneakers: Senso.

White Sneakers

White sneakers are very trendy right now and we can find them everywhere! But despite this fact, it took me some time to find THE perfect pair.

I was looking for original and comfortable quality shoes that can be worn with almost everything. While searching online, I fell in love with this leather model from this Australian brand called Senso. After careful consideration, I took the plunge! I ordered a pair (something I don’t usually do without knowing my exact size in a brand, especially when it comes to shoes). I’m so glad that I did because these sneakers are absolutely awesome! When I wear them it feels like I am walking on clouds. You can even fold down the back part of the shoes to put them on quickly! Brilliant!

I was lucky and got them on sale, so keep an eye out if you are interested in getting them at a good price. I also did a selection of other styles I love to inspire your next sneaker purchase.

Ligne_PecheSneakers: Senso.

A Walk under the Buds

I love this time of the year when nature suddenly wakes up. The leaves are not completely grown in and the sunset light can easily peer through the lime green tree branches. And this idyllic backdrop inspired me to take a long walk under the buds.

To blend in better, I matched my outfit with this color palette! And because I never neglect comfort when walking, I opted for a silk top, cotton pants, and my newest acquisition: my white sneakers. I will talk about them in detail in my next post!

See you soon!


Top: Tibi (different colors here and here), Pants: James Perse (very similar here), Sneakers: Senso, Sunglasses: Raen, Bag: Sarah Pacini (other style here), Bracelet: Souvenir from Greece (other style here).