My Shopping Philosophy

Today is Earth Day and for the occasion I want to share with you my philosophy regarding the fashion and shopping universe.

The increase of fast fashion, which means the production, consumption and throwing away of a large quantity of cheap and inexpensive clothes, is worrying. Some clothing chains even present new collections every month! They accelerate the turnover in fashion trends and encourage the consumer appetite for new clothes, which is harmful to the planet and its resources.

To slow down this phenomenon, I think it’s really important to privilege clothes that are of high quality and offer longevity while still remaining timeless, cozy and in sync with our own personality.

I have a little anecdote for you: 10 years ago (already!) I purchased a fabulous pair of jeans. As soon as I started wearing them, I received a lot of compliments. A girl asked me how much they cost, and I told her $120. She started to lecture me saying that it’s crazy to spend that much money on clothing. She told me that she would never pay more than $30 for jeans, and that she had at least 40 pairs! I was dumbfounded… Why so many?! My jeans (shown in the picture), were my all time favorite, and I still found a way to keep wearing them even after they became threadbare! In my humble opinion, I think that a good quality piece that you really love is always worth the investment.

My Little Story

I grew up in a modest family with 5 other siblings. I wore my big sister’s hand-me-downs, and I passed them down to my little sisters, in turn. My mother has a talent for repairing and making clothes, and she taught me to sew and stitch at the age of 4. Well, it wasn’t always pretty at the beginning, but the skills I developed at this time are still very useful today. In my teens (around 1995), I was wearing my big sister’s clothes (which were from the 1980’s). I was absolutely out of fashion and I got teased at school! I realized at a very early age that trends change very fast; thus, to be able to appreciate a piece for a long time, it has to truly represent you and be timeless. That’s why as soon as I was able to buy my own clothes, I immediately opted for quality and for items that I deeply love.

Over the years, I have also given a lot of my clothes to my sisters. I always feel proud doing this because I know that my clothing will have a second life and will continue to be worn for a long time. I make them happy and it is definitely worth the price!

Thank you so much for reading and Happy Earth Day everyone!