“No Makeup Day”

No Makeup Day

It’s No Makeup Day in Quebec and, for this occasion, I wanted to show my natural face (of course) and share my thoughts about this special event.

My Little Story

My first experience with makeup was at the age of 5. It was halloween and my kindergarden teacher put makeup on me. I was dressed as a witch. I don’t know what I was expecting, but I was terribly disappointed! As if what I saw in the mirror was a hideous version of me. While all the other girls were princesses, I found myself ugly… It scarred me.

A few months later, I tried makeup again. I shared a room with my teenage sister. One night, because she went to bed later than me, I secretly searched through her makeup drawer and dusted myself with pink and baby blue makeup powders. I though she would never notice. It was definitely utopian! While sleeping, I smeared the makeup I was wearing all over my pillowcase. Suffice it to say I received a lecture the next morning.

In my teens, I didn’t use any makeup. I was very lucky. I didn’t have any acne and my cheeks were naturally rosy. They were so pink that I got picked on regularly, even by my teachers! People thought I was putting to much blush on my cheeks. And because I was a really shy girl, and blushed easily, they teased me even more.

So, let’s just say that I didn’t hold makeup in high esteem.

One day, I dared to put mascara on before going on stage for a concert (yes, to sing, but I will tell you this story another time). I remember that my boyfriend at the time told me: “Did you change something? You are really pretty tonight!” That made an impact.

And a few years later, I took the plunge. I started to wear mascara everyday. I remember that clearly, I was 23. I was working with a woman who told me everyday: “My god, you look so tired!” Her remarks stopped when I started regularly wearing mascara. This was an eye-opening experience. I could really feel the social pressure, especially the kind that exists between women.

To me, wearing makeup should be something we do because we truly want to, independent of what people may think. A bit like the way we have fun mixing clothes, accessories, shapes, textures and colors together.

We should have the choice to show our natural face without being criticized, or to wear the makeup we want. And I will add that men should be free to use it if they want to as well. I’m sure there are guys who would wear concealer sometimes!

I advocate for diversity, freedom of choice and respect. Because the real problem is not caused by makeup, but by the perception we have about others and ourselves. Let’s search for that sparkle that distinguishes us from others. There lies the real beauty (cliché, but true).

And to finish my little story, I would say that even if I don’t always wear makeup, I’ve never had more fun doing it than today, and I’ve never felt so radiant. Not because makeup gives me more confidence, but because I own who I am: a woman who is strongly attracted to beauty, which is the mean focus of this blog.

It takes a lot of skill to apply makeup perfectly! We don’t call professionals “makeup artists” for nothing! Those who master the eye liner know…

Have a wonderful No Makeup Day everyone!

Be proud of the person you are and more radiant than ever!