Magnolia Noir

Yes, you saw it right! A new blog name!!!

Magnolia Noir means many things to me:


Each spring, the magnolia is the first tree to bloom in Montreal. And every first blossom I see gives me so much joy and hope (it signifies the end of winter after all). It’s like a renaissance, and I like this idea for my blog! I also love magnolia flowers, they are delicate and radiant at the same time–it’s inspirational!


I don’t talk a lot about my profession here on my blog, but Chinese Medicine plays an important role in my life. As an acupuncturist, I cherish its philosophy and perspective, and I love to observe and analyze my surroundings from a five-element (Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood) point of view. One of them, Wood, draws its strength from its roots in order to grow in a straight line toward the sun. That is why Wood is associated with determination! Whenever I am tired or discouraged about blogging, I feel an inexplicable force inside me… I have the irrational conviction to continue blogging, and I attribute this to a hidden and intuitive energy I always had in me, that was waiting to have its chance to grow.


Speaking of the five elements, Noir (which is French for black) is the color associated with Water in Chinese Medicine. Water type people appear a bit reserved and are often creative. They can seem stoic, but are actually very sensitive and contemplative. Well… it’s totally me!

Noir is also a nod to my love, Sam. When I was looking for a name last year, he add the word black or noir to every name I suggested. It was a running gag and we laugh a lot about it! So, to add Noir to my name is a way of honoring him because Sam always supported me through this project, and he is the talented man behind the lens.


I love the fact that the light and softness of magnolia flowers contrasts with the deep and dark side of black. It totally reflects my personality! Sometimes luminous and happy, sometimes introverted and mysterious. My Instagram account totally reflects this idea. Go have a look!


The more I blog, the more I want to develop my own creativity. To have a name that reflects something poetic and inspirational is very important to me! Also, this name gives me the latitude to blog about whatever I want, from fashion to calligraphy…

A French name!!!

I’m French Canadian and having a French name is really important to me. I was looking for a bilingual name or expression, but every idea I loved was already taken. I decided to assume my origins and I opted for a French twist!

That’s it! Now you know why I made this big change!

Stay tuned, I’ll share with you the new mission of my blog very soon… Suspense…