Holiday Celebrations

Like me, you probably have a few celebrations marked on your calendar this month, and maybe you don’t know what to wear. On my side, I never really look for a special holiday outfit. In my family, and with my friends and colleagues, we like to celebrate casually. Our goal is to have fun together because we do not have so many opportunities during the year. To have a special holiday outfit that I would wear only once or twice is not my style! I prefer to invest in timeless pieces, clothes I would wear on many occasions.

But, it’s fun to have a little something special, and I find that there is nothing more practical than accessories to elevate a holiday look! You probably already saw this sweater and this skirt on my blog, but worn together, these pieces are elegant and sophisticated while remaining current. With complimentary accessories (scarf, jewels, bobby pins) I think this look is just perfect! What do you think? What will you wear this holiday season?

Photo Credit: Samuel Laflamme


Sweater: Club Monaco (similar), Skirt: Iro, Bag: Loeffler Randall, Rings: Lucas Jack, Bobby pins: Cos (similar), Scarf (old… different style here).


I have had this sweater since last year, and it quickly became my favorite! It’s loose-fit cut and big mesh create a breathable pocket of warmth. The ultimate in comfort! I like to wear it with this skirt. I think that mixing different textured pieces is a really quick and easy way to have an original look, even if it’s all black. Very practical!


Sweater: Helmut Lang, Skirt: Iro, Sneakers: Senso, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (different color here).

Knot It Out

I really love simple ideas that enhance a look!

Simply knot an oversize tee to complement the waistline. Here, I deliberately made the knot on the opposite side of the pocket to create an interesting asymmetrical detail.

These little ideas make a big difference in styling. What do you think?


Tee: Joie, Skirt: Iro, Sneakers: Senso, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (different color here).

Japanese Inspiration

This blouse makes me think of Tokyo… Or perhaps, a contemporary and urban version of the traditional Japanese kimono. The blouse’s shoulder shape is a subtle variation of the kamishimo (the warrior’s outfit), the unique wrapping belt suggests a Geisha’s obi and the heavy 100% silk fabric enhances the blouse’s elaborate cut. An absolutely original concept piece!

Psst! You can find it at 25% off at Chance boutique!


Blouse: Iro, Pants: AG, Boots: Loeffler Randall, Bracelet: Christine Bijoux (sold out… also love this style).


I’m not really interested in wearing pink or red hearts on Valentine’s Day. For an evening out with my man, I prefer having an elegant and romantic look… And nothing makes you  feel sophisticated and mysterious like dressing all in black! So, for the occasion, I opted for a delicate silk top and a fitted skirt to subtly suggest my silhouette. And… what do you think of my “faux bob”? It is by far my favorite hairstyle right now (and the man behind the lens agrees).  Happy Valentine’s!


Top: Joie (sold out… similar), Skirt: Iro, Boots: Loeffler Randall (sold out… similar).