Fear & Love

It was my birthday last week! I’m 32. And yes, I’m a Libra… I’m constantly in search of the perfect balance in my life and it can take me a long time to make a decision!

On my birthday, I like to think about the challenges I faced during the last year and the lessons I learned. I think about the things I want to improve in the coming year, a bit like making New Years resolutions!

My 31st year was quite something! I laid the foundation and launched my blog. It was a huge personal challenge! Before starting this project, I needed to reconnect with some facets of my personality that were hidden for many years.

As a little girl, I had a passion for drawing, music, sewing and fashion. But as I grew up, I put my passions aside to help my parents with the daily tasks. Coming from a family of 6 siblings meant everyone had to help out, so naturally, taking care of others became a big part of my life and vocation. I became a massage therapist and for 4 years I have been an acupuncturist. I firmly believe it’s the best profession in the world! Helping others to be healthier is so rewarding, and I feel fortunate to practice a profession that I love so much!

But, I realized that I spend most of my time taking care of others. What about me? What about my personal projects? I started to want to reconnect with that little girl inside me, and that’s where the idea of having a blog came from! Sam, my love behind the lens, and I talked a lot about this project and he fervently encouraged me to do it! His support has been precious because he takes most of the pictures featured on my blog. He’s really talented!

Once I started working on this project, a lot of fears and insecurities started to come out. Am I an impostor? What will people think of this project? Does blogging about fashion make me look superficial? How can I incorporate my core values into a fashion blog? What if I fail… or it’s a hit and I’m not able to live with the demands of having a successful blog and career? Will I have to make a choice between professions?

I asked myself: Where do these fears come from? I realized that a few where there from my childhood, and others appeared more recently. Until then, I was living in my comfort zone and it was really hard for me to dive into something new, something I had never done before.

So I worked on my issues, launched my blog and continued to work on myself. And this big change brought me so many positives things! First, it gave me the opportunity to meet some wonderful people who work in this challenging industry in Montreal, inspiring and courageous people that quit their jobs and security to pursue their dreams of having a boutique or a brand. Secondly, because this project gave me the opportunity to grow, bloom and develop skills I never thought I had. I feel more intuitive and creative, and that I have dropped my barriers which prevented me from going forward and becoming a better me.

“What would you do if you had no fear?”

This quote was a wonderful source of inspiration. Even after a year which kept this Libra off balance… 😉 and even if my fears come back occasionally, I’m ready for a new challenge! To let my own barriers and insecurities fall away and live every moment with love, to do things and projects I love, to put myself first, to love myself at every moment despite my imperfections and mistakes, to be open to the new opportunities and people life brings me and to fully live in the moment.

I think it will be a wonderful year!

I want to thank all of you from the bottom of my heart for following me through this adventure. It touches me deeply. And, you have no idea about how much I love reading your comments!

Thank you so much!


Photo credit: Eliane Marcoux