“Club Monaco”


What a dramatic landscape, don’t you think? Winter can be so harsh sometimes, but also have its treasures, like this magnificent scenery.

Sam and I did this shoot while we where exploring the shoes of the St. Lawrence river in Rivière-du-Loup, with a very good friend. We definitely couldn’t resist taking many pictures!

The cold color palette was amazing, and my parka just fit the scene perfectly! When I purchased it, I chose it for its deep grey color, which I think suits my complexion, and stunning cotton fabric, which looks like denim! Together, they make this piece unusual and original. I also love the 8 pockets! I have so many pockets that I don’t even know which one to put my stuff in! And of course, this parka is warm enough to face the Canadian winter. It is loose enough to wear a big sweater or a vest underneath without looking like the Michelin man!

It’s a wonderfully versatile winter coat. One that is warm enough for an afternoon excursion along the water or stylish enough for a walk around the city.

Photo credit: Samuel Laflamme


Parka: The Kooples, Beanie: Sarah Pacini (different style here), Scarf: Club Monaco (similar), Pants: James Perse (similar), Boots: UGG.

Extreme Comfort

Winter is the best season for staying home and vegging out on a sofa. So I thought this would be the perfect time to show you the kind of clothes I wear to be at my most comfortable!

First of all, I love to wear an angora sweater because of it’s extremely soft and warm. I simply wear it over a t-shirt. Then, I throw on my James Perse pants. They are stretchy but not too sloppy (just not my style), and I love the distinctive details of this model.

The final touch: my UGG slippers! Shopping for slippers is not very exciting… but they are SO practical! I have had this pair for 3 years now and I have no idea how I used to survive the harsh Canadian winter before getting them. From October to April, this is literally the item I wear everyday! I can confirm that they were a very good investment.

What about you? What items keep you the comfiest during winter?

Photo Credit: Samuel Laflamme


Sweater: Maje (different style here), Top: Club Monaco (similar), Pants: James Perse (similar), Slippers: UGG.

Holiday Celebrations

Like me, you probably have a few celebrations marked on your calendar this month, and maybe you don’t know what to wear. On my side, I never really look for a special holiday outfit. In my family, and with my friends and colleagues, we like to celebrate casually. Our goal is to have fun together because we do not have so many opportunities during the year. To have a special holiday outfit that I would wear only once or twice is not my style! I prefer to invest in timeless pieces, clothes I would wear on many occasions.

But, it’s fun to have a little something special, and I find that there is nothing more practical than accessories to elevate a holiday look! You probably already saw this sweater and this skirt on my blog, but worn together, these pieces are elegant and sophisticated while remaining current. With complimentary accessories (scarf, jewels, bobby pins) I think this look is just perfect! What do you think? What will you wear this holiday season?

Photo Credit: Samuel Laflamme


Sweater: Club Monaco (similar), Skirt: Iro, Bag: Loeffler Randall, Rings: Lucas Jack, Bobby pins: Cos (similar), Scarf (old… different style here).

Sophisticated Women

Do not judge a book by its cover, but…

It’s kind of strange to think that clothes can make us feel completely different! Every time I wear this outfit, I feel like a women. Not in terms of femininity, especially with this androgynous look… but in the way that I really feel like myself. In my opinion, being a women (or a men) is being authentic. It’s to truly know who we are and to be connected with one’s inner self. And this is how these clothes make me feel! Maybe because I’m simple yet sophisticated!

What do you think, do you feel this way sometimes?

Photo credit: Samuel Laflamme


Coat: Manila Grace (similar), Shirt: Rag & Bone, Pants: Vince, Shoes: Club Monaco, Bag: Loeffler Randall, Ring: Sarah Pacini (sold out).

Wrap Skirt

It has been a while since I have posted on my blog! I have been really busy with my work lately. Being self-employed (I’m an acupuncturist) means constantly searching for opportunities and jumping on them when they appear, which I did!

Speaking of work, this look is perfect for the office. It’s different from the traditional suit while remaining elegant. Wool wrap around skirts pair perfectly with sweaters because the belt is easily adjustable for every silhouette. The bow adds a decorative element that catches the eye and draws attention to the natural curves of the waist. I like to wear this outfit at work paired with flats because I stand all day, and the look remains really pretty! With the cold weather coming, simply add tights and booties and that’s it!


Skirt: Isabel Marant, Sweater: Club Monaco (similar), Shoes: Loeffler Randall (similar), Bag: Loeffler Randall.


A perfect look for a sunny day on a sailboat! A little dress, pretty sandals, a hat and I’m ready to go!


Dress: Alice + Olivia, Sandals: Loeffler Randall, Bag: Marc by Marc Jacobs (similar), Hat: Club Monaco (similar).


It was my very first experience on a sailboat and I loved it! It’s so relaxing to be propelled by the wind as you slice through the water. The view was magnificent to look at, whether it was the endless horizon or the skyline of Toronto.

That day, I was glad to be all in white because it was very warm. When the sun is hot like that and I can’t seek refuge in the shade, I prefer to wear a loose, long sleeve shirt made of light cotton and tied at the waist. This way, my shoulders are safe from sunburn while I enjoy the breeze through my shirt.

Thanks to my Capeline and sunnies, I completely enjoyed this splendid afternoon!


Shirt: Rag & Bone (similar), Shorts: American Eagle, Sunglasses: Raen, Hat: Club Monaco (also love this style).


Even if the Fedora is currently more popular, I opted for this Capeline made of braided white paper. This hat is perfect for summer because it is light, breathable and practical as it casts a shadow to protect the face and neck from the hot sun. It’s a feminine and timeless hat, and I love the parcels of light created by the sun peering through the braiding!


Hat: Club Monaco.


The simplest looks are my favorites.

Here, shorts and a light sweater for a walk at the end of the day. To reveal the pleated details and the button at the waistband, simply tuck in the sweater. It also creates an asymmetry and deconstructs the straight lines of the outfit.

With the sweater’s shimmering mesh and the back neckline, this simple look is never boring!


Sweater: Club Monaco, Shorts: Malene Birger (similar).