Let the Elephants Run

I was in the Personal Development section at the library when this book caught my eye. The title, Let the Elephants Run, intrigued me. Then, I noticed that the author was David Usher (the lead signer of Moist, one of my favorite groups as a teenager). I was curious! Especially because this book gives concrete tools for developing our own creativity, and coincidentally, I was in this process at that time.

The book starts:

“Rule number one: Never start a serious book with a picture of yourself in underwear.”

“Rule number two: In the world of creativity, there are no rules…”

And then, on the next page, there is a picture of a 3-year-old David in underwear. This immediately establishes the humorous and frank tone of the book. No need to beat around the bush: to develop one’s own creativity, it’s imperative to ignore pre-established rules, whether they come from our society, our entourage or our own barriers.

The book continues, punctuated by some exercises to complete as you go. There is no excuse not to develop our own creativity, whether we have a particular talent or not! The trick is to start the idea machine and eventually learn to make them reality.

Here are a few quotes that caught my attention:

“No single structure works for everyone. But for everyone, there is a structure that works for them.”

“Creativity is an action sport. We take ideas and put them in motion.”

“Stop considering creativity as the jackpot that someone else won at birth.”

I don’t want to tell you more about this book because I want you to read it! It definitely helped me to move from procrastination to action. I found an old picture of myself (the one above) and found inspiration in it. As a little girl, I wanted to learn and do everything! I was really curious and creative. I drew, played piano, wrote stories, sewed and knitted. I still feel this impulse in my adult life, but I wasn’t making it a priority. Since I read this book, I have taken some calligraphy lessons, registered to Skillshare, which is a website offering online classes on many many subjects, and went back to drawing… which is the topic of my next post! Stay tuned!

Photo credit: Eliane Marcoux


Tea pot: Souvenir from China, Tea: Sencha from Camellia Sinensis.

In My Bag

In my bag, I carry a lot of things! And lately, I have had some back pain, so I thought it was time to get a backpack. I chose a smaller than usual one to force myself to carry only the stuff I need!

Last month, it was my birthday so my love gave me a Loeffler Randall bag (he knows me pretty well actually). Since then, I have used it almost every day!

So… in my bag there are:

-My keys and my phone, of course… My phone case is from Rifle Paper Co. If you don’t know this brand yet, go have a look! The artist, Anna Bond, also creates beautifully illustrated agendas, calendars, greeting cards, and even some children’s books! It’s the perfect place to find some wonderful Christmas gifts!

-My iPad… I carry it with me everyday for work. To protect it, I found this lovely case from Cantin, a Québec brand that I love. This is the kind of product that both men and women like, and I get compliments all the time! Cantin also offers a beautiful selection of bags and laptop cases.

-An umbrella… Only because at this time of the year, you never know.

-My Raen sunglasses… Once again, because at this time of the year, you never know.

-My LoveXStyleXLife book… Also a perfect gift idea! I devoured it. Well I have to say that I’m a fan of Garance Doré’s blog, and this book is really well written! That’s all I’ll say about it for now because a complete post about her book is coming…

-My wallet… I prefer to keep my wallet very practical. I like to have space for my business cards, my bills, my money, and so on. And honestly, this one from Rudsak (also a brand from Québec) does its duty!

-My business cards… Because it’s crucial to have your business cards with you at all times (note to myself)! Also, they match perfectly with all the other objects. 😉

 How about you? Do you carry other things in your bag?

Photo credit: Eliane Marcoux